Daisy Time


1 hour old
Well, sweet Daisy did it.  She waited until the full moon and on Sunday she birthed a beautiful bull calf.  She isolated herself way in the back pasture under the overhang of branches of an oak tree against the fence line.  I checked on her that morning and knew that she was in labor.  She got up to greet me and let me scratch under her chin but I knew she was being polite and preoccupied with what her body was telling her so I did not stay long.  After lunch the boys came to let us know that she had had her calf and that it was a boy. 

Nathanael, JulieBeth and I went to see her.  We did not go empty handed...we went bearing gifts.  The gift was a of  bucket of warm molasses water.  Oh, was she happy to receive it.  She sucked it up as fast as she could.  
We took a few pictures and left her to a little privacy.  The evening was coming and it was time to move her and little bull calf closer and to a more secure pasture.  Little bull calf doesn't follow well.  We tried putting him in a wagon but he doesn't ride well neither.  So we resorted to carrying him.  If I carried him Daisy would follow where ever I went.   He wasn't so heavy at first but after 10 or 15 yards with each step he seemed to become slippery and heavier.  I wish he would have come equipped with handles.  Then I noticed my body started feeling kind of warm. I initially thought it was from carrying him and working up a sweat but then common sense kicked in and I realized that he was peeing on me.  Ugh!  I put him down and he stopped. O.k...back to carrying him and another 10 yards and that warm feeling came again.  Yep, you guessed it...peeing on me again.  I thought just as long as it doesn't go down my boots it'll be o.k.  We finally made it to the front and got him and his momma fixed up cozy in the barn.  Before we called it a night, we rewarded Daisy with another bucket of warm molasses water which she was most thankful. Good job Daisy girl. 

He's got it...!