Turkey and CSA Time


Those cute little fluffy chicks grow to be the most curious birds.  Once the turkeys are on pasture, they get  the whole run of the pasture during day.  They know their care givers.  They always gobble when the boys are in eyesight.  One afternoon all twelve of us went out to sit amongst the turkeys and just watch them interact with each other.  They pecked our buckles, buttons, laces, ring, and anything that was of interest.  The best part was when they surrounded one of the dogs.  It scared the dog and she ran then the turkeys ran after her and the dog ran some more and more turkeys joined in and ran after her.  This finally came to an end when the dog ran to Brian and me for  a safe spot.  Once they put that dog in 'her place' they circled another one of the dogs until that one ran with his tail between his legs to us.  

The Fall/Winter CSA season is up and running.  We got a late start due to the drought.  But....it has been a green bean kind of season here.  We have grown the best green beans yet this year (and so many of them) until the recent frost finished them. Carrots have had to be replanted three too many times.  A big part of the lettuce bolted because of the heat.  Plant, plant, plant more seedlings.  As we work hard planting and worrying someone comes to unknowingly brighten our day.  This time it was one of our CSA members, that moved here recently from California, that brightened the day when she said that her CSA box helps her to not miss home so much.   Or when another CSA member says she looks forward to getting her fresh box of veggies every week and it's the highlight of the week.  Those customer smiles and comments go a long way in motivation for us.