The Benefits of Farm Life


Whew, this summer has been so hot.  Working out in the heat with sweat dripping makes me think of the benefits of farm life.  Yes, you read right...benefits.   Benefits are a beautiful sunset after a hard days work.  Sweet soft rain on a tired sweaty body.  Hand planting bean seeds in warm soft soil.  Hearing roosters crow in the morning before most of the area around me is awake.  Counting stars in a clear sky with my youngest child while milking the family cow at 4:30 in the morning.  Balancing on one foot because my boot got stuck in the mud while my son digs it out.  Watching my 9 year old son put flowers in his younger sister's hair.  Sitting down to eat a meal that comes entirely from our bounty and hard work.   Having a country girl tan.  Watching my children and dogs run up round bales of hay in a game of catch.  Pulling weeds with my children and listening to them talk about life.  Farm life is constant.  We don't leave it behind when we in from working.  It's not someone else's responsibility if things don't work out.   It teaches great lessons in life. One of those lessons is that life is real, it's here and it's now and that we reap what we sow.