The New Green House


Well, as promised here is the post on the new greenhouse in the garden.  We had cold wet weather during the construction.  There was mud to work in,  cold metal to hold,  water/mud soaked knees trying to get the base boards on, tractor ruts to fill in, wind and plastic to fight, blue paint on dogs that are too nosy, copperhead snake from who knows where; but the work was worth it.  The children had a blast climbing the supports to the green house.  A new play gym for them before the plastic got put on.  The day the plastic was to be put on was so windy.  It was like a giant kite.  I guess some jobs just have to be done twice. 

But all is ready so finally lettuce, tomatoes, and pac choi are getting planted where the ground was dug and turned into workable soil. There is still much to do but the progress is encouraging.  I think we all like to just hang out in there and look around at the place.  After the plastic was on and straw brought in the dogs thought it was one big play area...whoa there doggie!  That just ain't gonna' work when tender vegetable plants are planted in there.  So out came the when we go in they hang their heads because the leash attached to them.   We think it's a grand thing to work in the new green house.  It's the opportunity to work another area of soil, grow better food, and enjoy each other's fellowship while we accomplish it.