My Family, Haiti, Farmers, and Ships


How can my family, Haiti, farmers, and ships have anything in common.  I'll tell you if want to read just a little further.  I'll try and keep it short.  It all starts 9 years ago, where my twin girls were born....Haiti.  Seeing what the Haitian people are going through, seeing what the Haitian children are going heart aches for the people and more for the children. The children who have no home, no family, no father, and no mother brings floods of memories and emotions from our adoption of our twins.  Like others, our girls have a story of their own...and thankfully it's a miraculous one. Anytime a child is saved from starvation and death and given a chance it is a miraculous story that only God can get the glory for.  Which brings me to the farmers and the ships.  There is a mission in Lake Charles that sends it's ship(s) to disaster areas with food, medical care, and people with purpose of carrying out God's plan.  We've walked upon those ships.  They, too, have a story of their own and a great one.  Here is their site if you want to read more.... .   Anyway, one of their ships is leaving for Haiti to serve the Haitian people and bring relief.  Seven tons of Louisiana rice, donated by Louisiana farmers, will also be aboard that ship that rice farmers have donated.  You go rice farmers!  You go Friend Ship and all the people going to serve!  It's local, it's about giving of one's self, and it's about hope.   Yes!                     

A Blog of My Very Own...Wow!


Wow, I never dreamed of having a blog but here it is the first entry...history is made!  Some of us are just coming in from working in the garden.  We did get some things accomplished.  Half of the leeks were able to get planted.  Cauliflower, celery and some more lettuce were planted too.  My finger nails are packed with dirt..what a grand feeling.  I could have used a hand shovel, but it's been too long since I got my hands into the soil..  There's just something great about sinking your hand into cool soil and planting.  Slowly the greenhouse in the garden is taking shape.  Brian was able to get the top support bars on today.  Hopefully I can attach a picture here and there real soon.  How's that for the first post?  Maybe I have a lot to learn or maybe it's the distractions as the rest of the family is coming into the house wondering what's for supper.  Supper it's always a busy kitchen.   Simon and JulieBeth are washing and spinning the lettuce, Ariana and Nathanael are peeling potatoes, Juliana has made the dressing for the salad and my bread has risen and is waiting for the next step.  Talk with ya'll soon....Dawn